Q & A

1. What is the basis of the Fatima Chaplet?
The Fatima Chaplet is based upon the Seven Fatima Prayers taught to the Children Seers of Fatima.

2. Why should I pray the Seven Fatima Prayers?
Because the Mother of God, the Angel of Peace, and our Lord have invited us to pray these prayers.

3. Why use a “Nine Step” format in the Fatima Chaplet?
The “Nine Step” format is based upon the Rosary as a guide in praying the Fatima Chaplet. It is only one of many possibilities. You are welcome to pray the Fatima Prayers by whatever means you choose.

4. Why are some of the Fatima Prayers different than those I know?
At this time, there is no official version of the Fatima Prayers. Most prayers vary slightly due to differences in interpretation and decades of evolution. While great efforts have been taken to safeguard the message and accuracy of these prayers, you may use any appropriate variation that you prefer.