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Special Alert 3/1/2012

Spiritual Conversion of Heart (Continued from 1/23/2012)

The Fatima Prayer Ministry would like to share our thoughts with YOU on Spiritual Conversion of the Heart.

Dear Spiritual Brothers and Sisters in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

We encourage you to  pray that the Holy Spirit may enter into your Heart.

Once you receive this Precious Gift of the Holy Spirit, from the Father, through the intercession of Jesus and Mary, your prayers will burst forth from your new Heart. You will also have a powerful AWARENESS of the GREATNESS of St. Joseph who remains hidden from the many who have lost their way. To have the gift of seeking  St. Joseph for intercession of your prayer needs is unfathomable to this sleeping world. Be thankful and humbled for such Heavenly Gifts.

You will not only be able to pray from your Heart but listen with your Heart.

You will become AWARE of the Presence of God in your life amidst your daily struggles and tribulations. You will have new strength to withstand the daily storms.

You New Heart will allow you to pray in truth.


Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven …. These powerful words will no longer be mere words but become a song within your heart.


When your heart is renewed by the Holy Spirit the Words of the Bible will become living waters of nourishment and enlightenment for you and will have a profound impact on those you love. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit will help you to hear, listen, understand and pray from your heart. No longer will you hear the words,  you aren’t listening to me … you don’t understand me … but instead be Totally There for those you love as well as all those whom God wants you to be with.

The Bible is a guide as are the 10 Commandments and the Two Great Commandments of Christ. They are goals and motivators and much more to help us become AWARE of the Presence of God during our Spiritual Journey.

Please remember that God does not work for either you or this Ministry but will work with you in the same way the Blessed Trinity, the Holy Family and the entire Celestial Court of Heaven will work with you. Your Guardian Angel will always be by your side to help guide you into obtaining your new Heart so that you will see, listen and pray in the Light of Christ. You will be able to pray and listen with your heart to those who in your life.

Before reading and dwelling on the Sacred Words of the Gospel below why not invite the Holy Spirit to be by your side. Accept in humility your human frailty and embrace your journey in the acceptance of the Will of your Heavenly Father and do not judge yourself too harshly when you stumble for this is part of the path to obtaining your New Heart.



The Gospel of Matthew:


6:32-33 … Your Heavenly Father knows all that you need. Seek first his kingship over you, His way of Holiness, and all these things will be given you besides.


7:1 +++ If you want to  avoid judgment, stop passing judgment.

7:7-8 +++  Ask and you will receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you. For the one who asks, receives.  The one who seeks, finds. The one who knocks, enters.


9:13 +++ Go and learn the meaning of the words, ‘It is mercy I desire and not sacrifice.’ I have come to call, not the self-righteous, but sinners.


10:34-36 +++ “ Do not suppose that my mission on earth is to spread peace. My mission is to spread, not peace, but division. I have come to set a man at odds with his father, a daughter with her mother, a daughter-in-law with her mother-in-law: in short, to make a man’s enemies those of his own household …”


11:28-30 +++ “Come to me, all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and I will refresh you.” Take my yoke upon your shoulders and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart. Your souls will find rest, for my yoke is easy and my burden light.”



13:13 +++ I use parables when I speak to them because they look but do not see, they listen but do not hear or understand…


Future Special Alerts and Updates for March:

Meeting Jesus

Confession / Absolution

Learning to laugh while letting go and being AWARE that God is God and we are but his little children.

The Prodigal Children of God


Special News Update on Wars Throughout the World as of 2012  (Posted March 2, 2012)

Wars in the World

Luke 21:9-11 +++ Neither must you be terrified when you hear of wars and insurrections. These things are bound to happen … Nations will rise against nations and kingdom against kingdom.There will be great earthquakes, plagues, and famines in various places, and in the sky fearful omens and GREAT SIGNS.

Luke 21:36 +++ So be on watch. Pray constantly for the strength to escape whatever is in prospect, and to stand secure before the Son of Man.

Matthew 24:11-14 +++ False prophets will rise in great numbers to mislead many. Because of the increase of evil, the love of most will grow cold. The one who holds out to the end, however, is the one who will see salvation. This good news of the Kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the world as a witness to all the nations. Only after that will the end come.

March 2, 2012 Alert

The Fatima Prayer Ministry invites you to pray to the Holy Spirit to illuminate your heart, mind and soul.

May you also pray for those whom Our Lord has chosen as the Shepherds of the Church for they carry a Great Weight on their Shoulders as you also do.

Take time to be kinder to yourself. Try not to judge yourself so harshly because of any weaknesses you carry. When you do stumble into darkness go to your Heavenly Father and speak from your heart about all your fears and concerns as well as any good news you are inspired to share. Open yourself to the Father for you have nothing to hide. Of course since He already knows about your secrets why not open your heart to the One who held you in the palm of His hand and called you forth by name to be an Heir to the Royal Eternal Heavenly Kingdom. Call upon God so that you may establish claim to your inheritance according to His Divine Will.



Heaven and Hell


While walking down the street one day a Corrupt Senator (that may be redundant) was tragically hit by a car and died.

His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance.

“Welcome to heaven,” says St.. Peter. “Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we’re not sure what to do with you.”

“No problem, just let me in,” says the Senator.

“Well, I’d like to, but I have orders from the higher ups. What we’ll do is have you spend one day in hell and one in heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity.”

“Really?, I’ve made up my mind. I want to be in heaven,” says the Senator.

“I’m sorry, but we have our rules.”

And with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell.
The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green golf course.

In the distance is a clubhouse and standing in front of it are all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him.

Everyone is very happy and in evening dress. They run to greet him, shake his hand, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting rich at the expense of the people.  They played a friendly game of golf and then dine on lobster, caviar and the finest champagne.

Also present is the devil, who really is a very friendly guy who is having a good time dancing and telling jokes.

They are all having such a good time that before the Senator realizes it, it is time to go. Everyone gives him a hearty farewell and waves while the elevator rises.

The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens in heaven where St. Peter is waiting for him, “Now it’s time to visit heaven…”

So, 24 hours passed with the Senator joining a group of contented souls moving from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good time and, before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and St. Peter returns.

“Well, then, you’ve spent a day in hell and another in heaven. Now choose your eternity.”

The Senator reflects for a minute, then he answers: “Well, I would never have said it before, I mean heaven has been delightful, but I think I would be better off in hell. “So St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell…

Now the doors of the elevator open and he’s in the middle of a barren land covered with waste and garbage.

He sees all his friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags as more trash falls to the ground.

The devil comes over to him and puts his arm around his shoulders.

“I don’t understand,” stammers the Senator. “Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and clubhouse, and we ate lobster and caviar, drank champagne, and danced and had a great time. Now there’s just a wasteland full of garbage and my friends look miserable. What happened?”

The devil smiles at him and says, “Yesterday we were campaigning,

Today, you voted..”



Vote wisely on November 6, 2012!


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A wife comes home late one night arriving early from being out of town.

She quietly opens the door to her bedroom. Under the blanket she sees four legs instead of two. She reaches for a baseball bat and starts hitting the blanket as hard as she can. Once she’s done whacking the bodies under the blanket, she goes to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee.

As she enters the kitchen, she sees her husband sitting there reading the newspaper.

“Hi Darling”, he says, “Your parents have come to visit us, and so l let them stay in our bedroom.”




Prayer Draft EXAMPLE that constantly Changes according to Heavenly Direction

First Revised Draft March 7, 2012

Second Revised Draft March 8, 2012

Third Revised Draft March 9, 2012


Good morning God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Good Morning Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I thank each one of you for helping me to have the strength to call upon you at this time for I am weak and tired from my many trials and tribulations, but you have uplifted me that I may call upon you this day. Thank you.

Today I ask with my heart for the gifts of your Blessing, Protection and Guidance not just for myself but also for my immediate family, all the members of my extended family, and all the Children of God from the past, present and future so that not one soul is lost but that all souls may become one with You God.

I pray that all may become open to the Kingdom of the Father to become your New Apostles while seeking the Holy Spirit. May God the Holy Spirit enter into the hearts, minds and souls of all those who seek His Powerful Help and Guidance not just for themselves but for all the Children of God so that together the Holy Spirit may illuminate each of us as we are made anew. May Faith, Purity, Humility and Love grow each day in our hearts so that we may reflect the Love of God. May we be granted the Graces to Hear, Speak, Pray and Love with our New Hearts as Witnesses to the Triumph of Your Kingdom over the Evilness of these Times. May we not be afraid to stand firm with our Beloved Church as we open our hearts to the Truth and Hope of Jesus Christ through Your Divine Intercession.

Father may we, Your New Apostles of Your Divine Light, be granted the Graces of the Transfiguration as Jesus did on Mt. Tabor. May we become Beacons of Your Divine Light so the many souls who have been mislead and addicted to the false gods of Darkness and Hopelessness may be overcome with a Desire to seek You. May they become AWARE of Your Presence within, upon and around them.

May we the Apostles of your Divine Light walk in humility and not judge others but be AWARE through the Grace of Discernment those disguised as innocent sheep but are really ravenous wolves attempting to destroy Your Beloved Church and the Children of God with their false gods. Help us to pray from our Hearts for the Shepherds of Your Church. Grant us the strength to stand with the Church as it embraces its Sorrowful Mysteries as Our Lord Jesus had embraced His Sorrowful Mysteries. Forgive those that have judged and condemned Your Most Beloved Church. Forgive them for turning away and deserting Your Church as they continue to cry out for its Crucifixion. Father as Jesus said,  … they know not what they do. In Your Unconditional Love …  FORGIVE THEM.

In Your Merciful Love Grant extraordinary strength to Your Shepherds of the Church who have not deserted Your Church but instead walked in the cloak of silence and humility as they continue to enter deeper into the Sorrowful Mysteries of Our Lord as they unite themselves to the Sorrowful Mysteries of Your Church while living within its Crucifixion.

You have promised that the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against Your Church. May Your New Apostles help to stand alongside Your Chosen Shepherds and assist them in their Time of Need.

May we become more AWARE of the trickery of evilness so that we may work with greater Passion and Love in your earthly Vineyard so that Your Heavenly Kingdom becomes united to this earthly Valley of Tears, Tribulations and Chastisements. …“Hallowed Be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done On Earth, As It Is In Heaven.” …

Grant we beseech Thee, the Intercession of Jesus “Our Lord, Our God” who is also our older brother and our best friend, along with the Intercession of Mary Our Loving Heavenly Mother and the Intercession of ST. JOSEPH GUARDIAN of the Holy Family. May we also call upon the help of the Saints, the help of the Archangels St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael, and the help of the Angels, along with the entire Celestial Court of Heaven. May we especially thank our Guardian Angel and pray each day for our Guardian Angel’s assistance. May begin to pray anew with a loving heart as we hold tight to the Rosary within our fragile hands. May we no longer speak mere words from our lips but with prayers from our New Heart so that our prayers may bring upon all humanity a renewal in the Holy Spirit according to Your Divine Will.

Before I  begin my daily work I also ask for your help with all my spiritual and materialistic needs not just for myself, but for my loved ones and all Your Children. I know that you already know all of our needs but I have the need to ask so that we may receive, to seek that we may find and to knock so that we may enter. Please grant us the Graces we so urgently need so we may Hear Your Words within our Hearts according to Your Divine Will.

Thank you for allowing me time to visit and speak with you for myself and on behalf of the Children of God.

Love from Your Prodigal Child who is trying to return to You while trying to bring the rest of Your  SPIRITUAL HUMAN FAMILY along.


The above conversation from the Prodigal Child is just an example. The Conversational Prayer later tonight will include many of the same themes but said differently as the one tomorrow and the next day and the next day and so on  according to the Inspirations of Heaven. Perhaps the Holy Spirit will guide me to use this prayer many times before a new prayer is brought forth. Only God knows what tomorrow will be but for now this a model for a CONVERSATIONAL PRAYER WITH HEAVEN. May it help be a guide on your Spiritual Journey back to Our Fathers Kingdom.

Imagine being invited to visit the kindest and most gracious family in your neighborhood / community / village / town.  Will you arrive empty handed or might your bring them a small cake or some freshly picked flowers from the countryside.

When you visit with the Blessed Trinity, the Holy Family and all of Heaven try not to arrive empty handed. Bring them their most desired and precious gift. A prayer of quality from the depths of your heart.


TRY TO remember what St. Teresa of Avila said: “Too much wood on the fire extinguishes the flame.” Just the word Jesus said with love is worth many times more than 1,000 prayers said from the lips but not from the heart.

Heaven doesn’t seek quantity but rather quality of your prayers from your heart not empty words mumbled from your lips.

Later the Fatima Ministry will post the evening version of this Conversational Prayer which will be 99% the same with a few words to indicate it is for the evening. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Kindly continue to keep us in your loving prayers as we continue to pray for you, your special intentions and your loved ones. Thank you for your prayers for this Ministry of the Laity.





Good morning God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Thank you for this day. May you continue to Bless, Protect, Strengthen and Guide all Your Children, especially those within my immediate family and my extended family. May the Holy Spirit enter into our hearts and illuminate each one of us.

May all the Intentions of Jesus, Mary and Joseph be fulfilled.

May the times of evilness be vanquished by goodness through the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Thank you for the Archangels, the Angels, our Guardian Angels, the Saints and the entire Celestial Court of Heaven. Thank you for the Shepherds of Your Church for all they do on behalf of Your Kingdom. Thank you for the New Apostles that You are giving us during these Times of Darkness. May they all be further strengthened and elevated according to your Holy Will.


Medjugorje 2012

We have hesitated for many years and only on occasion have posted some information about Medjugorje. It is our belief that after being Divinely called to Medjugorje on two separate occasions this Ministry stated. The first was in about 1987 and again in 1990. We will be returning one last time. It has always been our belief that Medjugorje was the continuation of the Fatima Message. Recently we received a confirmation when we read :

Sister Lucia of Fatima believed in Medjugorje and prayed for the visionaries there says Archduchess whose aunt was personal secretary for the seer of the Church-approved apparitions in 1917. The cloistered nun Sister Lucia was worried because the Medjugorje visionaries are very much exposed to the world.

Archduchess Milona von Habsburg-de Rambures descends from the Austrian-Hungarian emperors but early gave up her privileged life to live and work in Medjugorje where she translated for the visionaries. Today she serves as International Ambassador for the Medjugorje-based charitable organization Mary’s Meals.
The 20th century’s most famous visionary of the Virgin Mary believed in the apparitions in Medjugorje. Sister Lucia dos Santos,  for decades the sole surviving visionary from the Virgin Mary’s Church-approved 1917 apparitions in Fatima, Portugal, also prayed for the Medjugorje visionaries.
This is being revealed by Archduchess Milona von Habsburg-de Rambures in an interview given to MaryTV. Her aunt served as personal secretary for the Fatima visionary who, according to her testimony, kept on having apparitions in her convent well into the days when the apparitions had begun in Medjugorje.
“My aunt always believed in Medjugorje because Sister Lucia also believed it and she was praying for the visionaries very much because she said that they are so exposed to the world, they are not protected and she was very worried about them” Milona von Habsburg-de Rambures tells MaryTV.
– Sister Lucia?
“Yes because I think we must understand, from them and from her, that they (the Medjugorje visionaries) only have the gift of unbelievable simplicity, they are so un-complicated. They are very, very, very sensitive and vulnerable and can be hurt” says the Archduchess who gave up her privileges years ago to live and work in Medjugorje, and who prefers to be called just Milona.

Sister Lucia of Fatima
“They see Our Lady in her fullness every single day, they open up so completely. They feel her peace , her goodness, her tenderness – and then they are faced with people who want something from them. And they only see her (the Virgin Mary) for a few moments and then they are all by themselves. They have to accept the messages like we do” says Milona von Habsburg-de Rambures, a personal friend of all the six Medjugorje visionaries.
“Sometimes we expect of them what they cannot be. Therefore great injustice can be done to these people and they should be protected from that.”

For images and more information go to: Medjugorje Today


Medjugorje Messages that helped formed many of our prayers and news alerts:

March 6, 2012 SPECIAL ALERT

Mary’s Message of March 2, 2012 to Mirijana

“Dear children, through the immeasurable love of God I am coming among you and I am persistently calling you into the arms of my Son. With a motherly heart I am imploring you, my children, but I am also repeatedly warning you, that concern for those who have not come to know my Son be in the first place for you. Do not permit that by looking at you and your life, they are not overcome by a desire to come to know Him. Pray to the Holy Spirit for my Son to be impressed within you. Pray that you can be apostles of the divine light in this time of darkness and hopelessness. This is a time of your trial. With a rosary in hand and love in the heart set out with me. I am leading you towards Easter in my Son. Pray for those whom my Son has chosen that they can always live through Him and in Him, the High Priest. Thank you.”

Click here: Medjugorje Today

MESSAGE TO Mirijana 2012
February 25, 2011
“Dear children! At this time, in a special way I call you: ‘pray with the heart’. Little children, you speak much and pray little. Read and meditate on Sacred Scripture, and may the words written in it be life for you. I encourage and love you, so that in God you may find your peace and the joy of living. Thank you for having responded to my call.”
January 25, 2012
“Dear children! With joy, also today I call you to open your hearts and to listen to my call. Anew, I desire to draw you closer to my Immaculate Heart, where you will find refuge and peace. Open yourselves to prayer, until it becomes a joy for you. Through prayer, the Most High will give you an abundance of grace and you will become my extended hands in this restless world which longs for peace. Little children, with your lives witness faith and pray that faith may grow day by day in your hearts. I am with you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

MESSAGE TO Mirijina 2012
February 2, 2012
“Dear children, I am with you for so much time and already for so long I have been pointing you to God’s presence and His infinite love, which I desire for all of you to come to know. And you, my children? You continue to be deaf and blind as you look at the world around you and do not want to see where it is going without my Son. You are renouncing Him – and He is the source of all graces. You listen to me while I am speaking to you, but your hearts are closed and you are not hearing me. You are not praying to the Holy Spirit to illuminate you. My children, pride has come to rule. I am pointing out humility to you. My children, remember that only a humble soul shines with purity and beauty because it has come to know the love of God. Only a humble soul becomes heaven, because my Son is in it. Thank you. Again I implore you to pray for those whom my Son has chosen – those are your shepherds.”
January 2, 2012
“Dear children! As with motherly concern I look in your hearts, in them I see pain and suffering; I see a wounded past and an incessant search; I see my children who desire to be happy but do not know how. Open yourselves to the Father. That is the way to happiness, the way by which I desire to lead you. God the Father never leaves His children alone, especially not in pain and despair. When you comprehend and accept this, you will be happy. Your search will end. You will love and you will not be afraid. Your life will be hope and truth which is my Son. Thank you. I implore you, pray for those whom my Son has chosen. Do not judge because you will all be judged.”

For additional information please go click here: Medjugorje Today


MARCH 7, 2012 Special Alert Updates


At any time you can begin your spiritual pilgrimage. You needn’t travel all over the world. Each additional second of your life is a gift. So how does one begin.



Matthew 6:32-33 … Your Heavenly Father knows all that you need. Seek first his kingship over you, His way of Holiness, and all these things will be given you besides.

Matthew 7:7-8 +++  Ask and you will receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you. For the one who asks, receives.  The one who seeks, finds. The one who knocks, enters.


Seek the Holy Spirit to help you pray from your heart with truth, passion and the Light of Heaven. You didn’t really think that saying 100 Haily Mary’s was the way to touching the Heart of Heaven as opposed to one Hail Mary from your Heart.

If you said to your love while watching TV “I Love You Dear” over and over as you continued to watch your favorite TV show what do you think your Love would say. But with your total presence of your entire self one (1) “I Love You Dear” from the depths of your heart would most likely bring your loved one great joy and consolation.

When you pray it is not the quantity but the quality of your prayers. So pray to God to help you begin your Spiritual Pilgrimage. Perhaps it is spending some quiet time just in a conversation with Jesus or Mary or Joseph or the Blessed Trinity. Try opening your Heart to your Heavenly Father. Let God lead you according to His Divine Will. This can only be done if you call upon Him and invite Him into your Heart. God is not Santa Claus for you to present a list of gifts you need. God already knows all your needs but wants to know you by you be willing to take time to speak with Him as if He were standing before you.


You have begun your Spiritual Pilgrimage. God will help you from here.



Why is it that there are many Catholics I know who go to church often and pray many hours a day and yet it seems that they are the same as they had been many decades earlier? Why don’t they become more like Christ?

How am I not to judge so I may not be judged? What does this mean?

Let’s start with the questions about judging.

In Matthew 10:16 Jesus says, “What I am doing is sending you out, like sheep among the wolves. You must be clever as snakes and innocent as doves.”

In Matthew 7:6 Jesus says, “Do not give what is holy to dogs or toss your pearls before swine. They will trample you under foot, at best, and perhaps even tear you to shreds.”

If you seek the Gift of Discernment you will be able to observe and evaluate another person. You will the decide if this person is one who you should invest your time with. However, you must be on Guard for many come disguised as innocent sheep but are really ravenous wolves seeking to destroy you and your loved ones. By arming yourself with prayer and the Word of God from Holy Scripture and availing yourself of the Sacraments you have a better chance of not being deceived by the false gods of this time. You as well as this Ministry and every Child of God will find themselves within the ongoing battle. No one escapes but those better prepared and who have developed a close friendship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit have nothing to be afraid of if they have developed their relationship on solid ground.

So one needs to observe and evaluate others. This doesn’t mean judging. But through the Gift of Discernment to observe and evaluate another allows you the flexibility to protect yourself if you consider this person one whom the Bible warns about. The Bible tells you to be on your GUARD. Don’t invite those whom the Bible has warned you about into your life, the life of your family or into your home. You can be very generous by including them in your QUALITY PRAYERS as you pray with your New Heart sent to you by the Holy Spirit. Don’t allow yourself to be tricked by the cunning ways of satan. He uses all those that fall into his Darkness to extinguish the Light of God in those that have been given that Light. Remain Vigilant according to the Will of God. As you walk through this world you will no longer judge others but will be able to observe and evaluate as you become AWARE of the Presence of God or the Presence of Evil within that person you are observing and evaluating while seeking the help of the Blessed Trinity to guide you. Regardless of what the outcome is always keep all the Children of God within your prayers that all may  receive the Holy Spirit.

Sacred Scripture



You who dwell in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty,
Say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

For He will rescue you from the snare of the fowler, from the destroying pestilence.
With his pinions He will cover you, and under His wings you shall take refuge;

His faithfulness is a buckler and a shield. You shall not fear the terror of the night nor the
arrow that flies by day; Not the pestilence that roams in darkness nor the devastating plague at noon.

Though a thousand fall at your side, ten thousand at your right side, near you it shall not come. Rather with your eyes shall you behold and see the requital of the wicked, Because you have the Lord for your refuge; you have made the Most High your stronghold.

No evil shall befall you, nor shall affliction come near your tent, For to his angels he has given command about you, that they guard you in all your ways. Upon their hands they shall bear you up, least you dash your foot against a stone. You shall tread upon the asp and the viper, you shall trample down the lion and the dragon.

Because he clings to me, I will deliver him; I will set him on high because he acknowledges My name. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will deliver him and glorify him, with length of days I will gratify him and will show him My salvation.


Why is it that there are many Catholics I know who go to church often and pray many hours a day and yet it seems that they are the same as they had been many decades earlier? Why don’t they become more like Christ?

Perhaps this article from Father Jozo might help answer your questions.


“Do not come to Medjugorje again . . . ” implored Fr. Jozo


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Published: January 3, 2011Posted in: News & InformationTags:

“Do not come to Medjugorje again . . . ” implored Fr. Jozo

I Implore You, Do Not Come to Medjugorje Again-Fr. Jozo 4-9-08

Fr. Jozo Zovko, is a beloved priest, associated with Medjugorje. When I went to Medjugorje, I didn’t know of his fame there as a living saint, who could read souls, pierce hearts, and whose hands could heal through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I knew none of that in 2001, as I was walking into the Church in the town of Široki Brijeg, where Fr. Jozo used to speak to and minister to pilgrims. I simply saw a Franciscan priest smile at and greet my husband with eyes that were deeply kind and seemed to penetrate through my husband’s skin, with a hint of omniscience. Fr. Jozo reached out his hand to touch my husband’s face, and in a fatherly, masculine gesture tapped the side of his cheek. This was a look at a touch that every boy, every man longs to receive from his father.

In all of three seconds it began and then it was over. But those three seconds of Fr. Jozo’s greeting embedded themselves in my mind and heart in a perfect picture.

Fr. Jozo is a prophet in our time. It is like a prophet  to occasionally shake people out of their spiritual slumber, with harsh words like the following, which directly challenge the people standing before him. On two separate pilgrimages to Medjugorje, I heard Fr. Jozo speak in his characteristically soft, wise, and prayerful words–never I hear him boom and thunder like this. As this year comes to a close, let us take to heart Fr. Jozo’s message and take our own souls very seriously. After the New Year, I will post some of Fr. Jozo’s commentaries on living Mary of Medjugorje’s five main requests of prayer, fasting, Bible reading, Eucharist, and Reconcilation.  May Fr. Jozo’s prophetic, uncompromising words below, be both the threshing floor and the threshold of our own spiritual awakening.

Wednesday April 9, 2008

Fr. Jozo – The following is part of the talk that Fr. Jozo gave to a group of English-speaking pilgrims on March 31, 2008

Welcome. A Happy Easter to you all – to you, to your loved ones, to your families. An abundance of peace and joy and Easter blessings to you all. When Jesus appeared to His disciples, the Mother, before them, saw Him. And Mary Magdalene also saw Him before the disciples. Thus, we the sinners also have a chance. We are called to meet the Mother, to meet Jesus, to meet the Church, to meet the new better life of the Church that believes, the Church that prays, the Church united with the Mother. That is what Medjugorje is – for twenty-seven years where we recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread; that temple were Jesus draws with His own blood, where He forgives the sinners. How beautiful it is to kneel in Medjugorje and confess, to enter into the river, this current of God’s mercy to be purified, cleansed. I ask you to look here to your left. You see the image of the Divine Mercy? That mercy of God bids each one of us and frees us from every evil, every woe. And we feel well. Why? Because God becomes so near to us, so close. Perhaps you as a priest or a lay person did not meditate on the message of Our Lady, Her message of the last month, where as it shocked me. You might say, “I am a Christian already, I go to church regularly. I celebrated Easter.” Do you remember what Our Lady said a week ago? “Dear children, work on your personal conversion.”In this springtime, you will see where a person abandoned his field or his garden. And everyday it grows worse and worse. All the weeds will grow, showing that the owner does not love the land to work on it. Our Lady wants us to work on ourselves. God wanted us to work the ground and bear fruit. And even more so we are called with our life, our soul, our marriage. Our Lady says work on your conversion. If you only knew what conversion was. If only the grace that took place, and God would illuminate our hearts – that as priests and lay people, as parents, when they recognize what conversion is. What is to convert? It is a wondrous call. The first call of Our Lady was for conversion. And twenty-six years and 8 months, Our Lady again says convert. Work on your conversion, thus saying that you have neglected your heart and soul. You have neglected the spiritual values that are so abundant. They (the heart and soul) are full of weeds. They are full of fruitlessness. You are not sowing the good and fertile soil. To sow the seed, much needs to be prepared. The soil needs to be cleared, plowed, nurtured, and only then the seed is planted and again must be nurtured and cared for. Because as Jesus said, if the seed falls upon the rocks, if it falls amongst the thorns, if it falls on rock, road, or thorns, it bears no fruit at all. When does the seed bear its fruit? When it falls on the good, prepared soil. On good and noble soil, every grain bears fruit – one thirty fold, another 60 fold, another yet 100 fold yield. Let us try to reflect on what that means.

Fr. Jozo’s passionate testimony is as strong today as it was 39 years ago when the events of Medjugorje first began. He, like John the Baptist, is a herald in the wilderness for our times, urging Our Lady’s children to live Her messages with deep commitment and responsibility as Her witnesses to the world.

More than 40 years ago, I took time to seriously contemplate this parable. I came to the field where I grew up. I took one grain of wheat and placed it on my left palm. And with that grain in my heart, I saw the life and the fruit from the seed. Then I piled around that one grain, thirty other grains as a parable of Jesus. And my eyes were opened. Thirty grains is a lot. It is almost that I couldn’t even distinguish the one grain in the center. My entire palm was full of grains. To get 60, I added 30 more grains. And nearly my palm and fingers were full. And to get 100, I had to add over 30 more. I remember when there were so many grains in the palm of my hand and fingers, they started to fall, one by one. My entire palm and fingers were not enough to hold 100 grains. And all I could say was, “My Master, what an incredible teacher you are. You have opened my heart. I recognize your parable.” I feel that this is conversion. Because Jesus says in the Gospel, the Father wants you to bear fruit, then your fruit will remain. The Father is glorified when you bear much fruit. But if I do not work on my conversion, then I am a rock. Then I bear weeds. Then I permit the enemy to bring darnel and plant it therein. It is terrible when the darnel, the weeds come about, because Jesus says, it must not be uprooted because then the wheat will be uprooted with it. Much time has past when the harvest is finally separated. How necessary it is to understand Jesus’ parable. Am I asleep? Am I working on myself? Or am I just asleep, like the owner of the field that sowed the seed and went to sleep, thinking this is wonderful. I have done my job. But didn’t count on that the enemy would come and plant and sow darnel…We stand here before Our Lady, the parable of Jesus and before the words of Our Lady. We stand before Her message, “work on your personal conversion.” What does that mean? In twenty-seven years, She has built the theme of conversion in many of Her messages. And a week ago, again She said, “you are far from meeting with God in your heart.” What does it mean, far? It doesn’t mean that you are close. Father (a priest) comes from Chicago. Chicago is far from here. He has to cross the entire Atlantic to come. He has to cross much of the American continent to come. They came far. And from that far away, we need to take a step in order to meet God. Why? Because we are far away. Who is saying this? She, She who sees where we are, that we may not be deceived. Our Lady is not speaking to those who are not on pilgrimage. She’s, first of all, speaking to us who are on pilgrimage. You are far away. Why? Because you take the messages irresponsibly. I feel that in my heart. Many of you feel that Medjugorje to be just some kind of news, some kind of an information, insignificant. But Our Lady in Her messages, in Her apparitions, says that they are important for the entire world – for the entire world. I know that the sun is important for the entire universe. If it were to be extinguished we would never be, there would no longer be life. Imagine something that is so important for the entire world as Her apparitions, as Her messages, as Her time among us. Those of you who live so close to the Anglicans, Protestants, those who have lost the love for the Blessed Virgin, thinking that She is no longer important. They think that they can turn Her aside and only convert through Jesus. That is over – No. She wants to give birth to you. She desires to find you each day anew. Behold your Mother. It is better not to come to Medjugorje at all, than to be here superficially. That is why I implore you, do not come again if you do not want to listen to Our Lady. It is better not to come. Because there are people who do not come, there are Bishops who do not come, there are also priests who do not come because they are afraid. They are afraid because Our Lady says fast. It is easier for them to say, “I have not accepted Her messages.” And perhaps it will be easier on the surface for you because Our Lady is calling you to fast, and you yourself are saying, “I can’t.”…That is why you are far away, you are irresponsible for the messages. And that is why the Church, us, we are showing our immaturity. You do not know Her voice, you do not know Her sigh. You do not know Her call to Her children. We act in ignorance…You are far away. You say you are Christian. No, we are not. You celebrated Easter after Lent, but Easter is not a calendar event. Easter is life. It is a meeting with God. Who exits, Who is, Who is responding to you, Who desires to give you the gift of every grace. I cannot receive the gift if I am dead. Therefore, I must be around so that He may say to me through my priest in confession, “I absolve you from your sins. I raise you to new life.” It is He Who died for you…

In 1992, the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, welcomed Fr. Jozo and told him: “I am with you, protect Medjugorje! Protect Our Lady’s messages!” See Letter From Pope John Paul II .

God gave us His commandments. And God gave a means of how we are to live. We don’t need somebody else to say to us, “I believe better than this or that. Yes, our weakness says to ourselves, “Yes, it is easier not to fast. It is easier to sleep than to pray. It is easier to sit than to kneel.” I know that you have thrown away the kneelers in your churches because the Risen Jesus is no longer with us. We don’t have anyone to kneel before. Both of our last Popes (Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict) implore us as a Church to return Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in six documents. What are we doing? We are listening to what is easier for us. Not to reply is sleeping, through the lips of the Blessed Virgin Mary, through the lips of our Church. Let us reflect on what it means to work on our own conversion. It really means to stop before the mirror. And I see this as our mirror. This is a measure of our love, Jesus Crucified, the measure of God’s goodness towards us. And as we stand before this mirror, you have to admit that you do not love, that love is not love, that you really do not believe. When you stand before this mirror of the Crucified, you will see that you are an unbeliever. And as St. Francis, you need to ask. He heard the voice of Jesus saying, “Francis, my church is falling apart. My church is falling apart in divorces, in those lost in darkness, in arguments, immorality, sloth. My church is falling apart.” “Lord, what do you want me to do?” “Help me to rebuild my church.” Is it possible to rebuild the Church? Is it possible to have Jesus? It is a gift to help Jesus. It is a blessing to help Jesus. And we desire to fear. This mother who raised Him, and for twenty-seven years has been educating and raising us that we may become a light. She says to us, “You are far away.” For three days, Jesus went far away from Her. Her eyes could not see where He was lost. She set out to seek Him, and today She is seeking us. She is looking for us, and we must recognize that and return home with Mother. How? Is that possible? Yes, that is why She is here among us because it is possible – to hear the Mother, to meet with the Mother, to love the Mother…

Original source:Do not come to Medjugorje Again

About the Author

Christine Watkins is an inspirational speaker and the author of Full of Grace: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Conversion through Mary’s Intercession by Ave Maria Press. See Christine Watkins, Holy Choices, and Enlivening Faith


March 7, 2012  MEETING JESUS

Please make a list of the amount of time you spend with God the Blessed Trinity and the Holy Family  and the amount of time you spend watching TV, worrying over things you cannot change, and the times you spend on other various worldly activities.

Now that you have a model of your time with God ask yourself the following questions:

If I met Jesus and He asked me to recite my favorite verse from the Bible would I be able to do this?

Would I be able to tell Jesus what His Two Greatest Commandments are?

Would I be able to tell Jesus what my favorite part of the Rosary is?

Would I be able to name at least one of the Seven Catholic Sacraments before Jesus?

Would I be able to tell Jesus that I worked in helping to establish Gods Kingdom without seeking compensation?

Would I be able to tell Jesus that I realized that I couldn’t sit at His right hand but that I have rejoiced in knowing that I am an He is not only my Lord and my God of the Blessed Trinity but He is my best friend and older BIG brother of the Holy Family?

Would I be able to tell Jesus that I realized that the Blessed Trinity does not work for me but will work with me in helping me to enter the Kingdom of God?

Would I be able to tell Jesus that I am aware of the Presence of God in not just my life but in all things?

Would I be able to tell Jesus that I understand “Not As i Will But As God The Father Wills” within my life and within this world?

Would I be able to tell Jesus that I understand why the Children of God must go through this Valley of Tears?

Would I be able to tell Jesus that I understand why He must do what He does in order to SAVE the Children of God?

Would I be able to tell Jesus that I love Him and am ready to go with Him whenever He calls me regardless of what will be since I trust in His Mercy?

YOU CAN certainly add additional questions for yourself but you get the idea. Best to be prepared for no one knows but the Father when you will be called before the King of Kings. May the Book of your Life that you are writing be one that Jesus will take delight in. Jesus did not come for the Righteous but for the sinner so don’t worry about your past sins but instead embrace Our Lord now while you have time. It is not the quantity of time but the quality of time. Just a few minutes a day is sufficient to invite the Blessed Trinity into your Heart regardless of how much you have sinned. Do not allow satan to trick you into feeling low self-esteem and you are unworthy to call upon God. Instead when you call upon your Heavenly Father or Jesus or the Holy Spirit share all your sins since they already know of your sins. You also can call upon your Heavenly Mother who like a good parent knows all the ways of Her Children. And St. Joseph who is part of your family also is there to help you.


3/09/2012 News Alert

Have the Hearts of the Children of God turned to stone? Has America Become Heartless?

Now THAT Is Cold – 19 Signs That America Is Becoming A Very Heartless Place

The economy is not the only thing that is wrong with America.  In order for a society to function smoothly, people need to be able to trust one another and be able to expect that most of their fellow citizens will behave in a somewhat civilized manner.  Unfortunately, we are starting to see the very fabric of our society slowly unravel all over the nation.  The truth is that America is becoming a very heartless place.  People simply do not care about one another the way that they used to in this country.  Of course there are many exceptions, but the reality is that millions of hearts are going cold from coast to coast.  In America today, we are more self-absorbed than ever, more self-centered than ever, and we are more isolated from others than ever.  Just think about the number of people that you personally interact with on a regular basis.  Unless you are involved with a very large organization such as a school or a church, it is probably a very limited number.  Our addiction to entertainment gives us the illusion of being connected to society, but the truth is that Americans spend less time personally interacting with one another than ever before.  Meanwhile, Americans are seemingly becoming more arrogant, more prideful, more angry, more brutal, more greedy and more addicted to pleasure than ever before.  When you combine millions of very cold hearts with an economy that is rapidly crumbling, that adds up to a whole lot of trouble in the years ahead.


Even government authorities are becoming heartless.  TSA agents and police officers are actually trained to “act tough” and to bark orders at us.  In the old days, you could reason with a police officer, but these days if you try to talk common sense with some of these thugs you will get tasered before you even realize what is happening.

The American people can see the deep corruption in Washington D.C. and throughout most of our other major institutions and they wonder why they should keep trying to do “the right thing”.


If our leaders are selfish and heartless, then it is only natural that millions of average Americans will follow their examples.

In America today, we are taught to hate one another.  Democrats are taught to hate Republicans and Republicans are taught to hate Democrats.  We are a deeply divided nation and our hearts are getting colder with each passing year.

Parents are becoming more cruel, thieves are becoming more bold and thugs are becoming more brutal.  Hate, anger and frustration are fueling some really twisted behavior all over the country.  America is changing, and not for the better.

The following are 19 signs that America is becoming a very heartless place


#1 At one airport in Hawaii, TSA agents recently required one new mother to go to a public restroom and fill up the empty baby bottles she was carrying with breast milk before they would allow her to get on to her flight.  The following is how one local news station described the incident….

She claims agents told her she couldn’t take the pump on the plane because the bottles in her carry-on were empty.

“I asked him if there was a private place I could pump and he said no, you can go in the women’s bathroom. I had to stand in front of the mirrors and the sinks and pump my breast in front of every tourist that walked into that bathroom. I was embarrassed and humiliated and then angry that I was treated this way.

When the bottles were full, she was allowed back on the plane

#2 One way that a society is judged is by how it treats children.  Unfortunately, stories such as the following one from Texas are becoming increasingly common in America today….

Texas authorities said Tuesday they removed 11 children from a crowded home where a registered sex offender lives after they found eight confined in a small, dark bedroom with restraints tying some to their beds.

Along with the children, 10 adults were living in the one-story, 1,700-square-foot home in Dayton, about 30 miles northeast of Houston, Child Protective Services spokeswoman Gwen Carter said. One month after a raid on the house, authorities are still trying to determine how the children are related and why they were there, she said.


#3 Across the United States, there have been an increasing number of reports of teens randomly attacking people on the street for no apparent reason whatsoever.  In some cases, the victims are actually being pulled out of their vehicles.  The following recent example comes from Philadelphia….

IN A HORRIFIC assault in Center City on Saturday night, three teenagers who were spouting racial slurs pulled a man out of a cab to beat him. And when the cabdriver intervened to stop the assault, the teens turned their rage on him, police said yesterday.


#4 One man down in Arizona was recently charged with skinning and eating a cat.  He told authorities that he did it because he was “hungry”.


#5 In the Detroit area, an 86-year-old World War II veteran was recently brutally carjacked in the middle of the day at a gas station.  His leg was broken during the assault, and as he slowly crawled across the concrete parking lot many people walked by him and drove by him as if he was not even there.


#6 One 69-year-old woman down in Texas recently went without running water for six years and nobody ever helped her out until just recently.


#7 In Ohio, one man has been charged with raping three children that he adopted and with allowing other men to have sex with them as well.


#8 One man down in Texas was recently fined by the city government for not mowing the lawn of a house that he had already lost to foreclosure.


#9 These days thieves will steal anything that is metal that they think that they can resell.  In the Philadelphia area recently, there has been a rash of brass door knocker thefts.  Thieves have been going up and pulling them right off of the front doors of private homes.


#10 As the price of gasoline rises, gasoline thieves are becoming more creative.  The following is a recent example from the Tampa Bay area….

As gas thefts go, this one was deceptively elaborate.

Inside a blue Chevrolet Venture minivan, criminals had cut out a large hole in the floorboard and set up a portable pumping station, complete with power source, pump and plastic container.

The goal: to steal hundreds of gallons of gas pulled directly from the gas station’s underground storage tank and funneled into a plastic tank inside the van.

Gasoline thefts have become so common in Detroit that one city councilman wants to force gas station owners to hire security guards.


#11 One 29-year-old female tutor was recently arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old boy that she was supposed to be tutoring.


#12 The ACLU is trying to force one library district in Washington state to allow full public access to pornography on library computers – even if children will be walking by and able to see what is going on.


#13 In America today, a lot of parents are becoming extremely cruel.  Down in Alabama, one 9-year-old girl recently died after being forced by her mother and grandmother to run for three hours straight as punishment for lying about having eaten some candy bars.


#14 Some Americans have become so desperate that they are trying to get sent to prison on purpose.  For example, one ex-police officer in Georgia recently robbed a bank and allowed authorities to catch him so that he could get food, shelter and free medical care in jail.


#15 What can account for the rash of seemingly random violent crimes that we have been seeing lately?  Over near Seattle, an 88-year-old man and an 83-year-old woman were brutally attacked by a 31-year-old man armed with a crossbow and a hatchet for no apparent reason whatsoever….

Prosecutors say 31-year-old John Chase was walking down the highway when he saw Ralph Aldrich, 88, in his back yard. Detectives say Chase shot and killed Aldrich with a crossbow and then went inside the home and repeatedly hit 83-year-old June Aldrich with a hatchet.


#16 In America today, many people are so angry and so frustrated that even the slightest provocation can push them over the edge.  For example, one man in Georgia actually firebombed a Taco Bell because they did not put enough meat in his Chalupa.


#17 These days Americans are having a hard time feeling safe in their own homes.  Down in Maryland, one very sick home invader was recently sentenced to 100 years in prison for doing some very twisted things….

In one case, authorities said, he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl after breaking into her family’s Fort Washington home with a cinder block and forced her to pose nude on a bed as he took photographs and videos of her.  Authorities said in another case, Scott and an accomplice, Marcus Dermanellian Hunter – who has already pleaded guilty to federal firearms charges – held up a Bowie family at gunpoint in April 2009, used their debit cards to steal money from ATM machines and then stole a luxury car.


#18 In America today you never know who is going to come driving up to you on the street.  Most of the time people that you meet will be at least somewhat “normal”, but there is also a chance that the next strangers that you run into will be crack-fueled perverts.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to a Montana teacher named Sherry Arnold…

Spell and Waters had left Colorado days before the crime claiming they wanted work in eastern Montana and western North Dakota’s oil fields.

After smoking crack cocaine over the entire trip, Waters allegedly told Spell the drug ‘brought the devil out in him’ and began talking about kidnapping and killing a female, AP reports.

After they spotted Arnold, Spell claims that Waters told him to ‘grab the lady’ and pull her into their Ford Explorer as she jogged by.

After they got her into the Ford Explorer, they choked the life out of her and then buried her body in a shallow grave in North Dakota.

#19 In the Boston area, the FBI recently used a chainshaw to cut through the front door of one apartment during a raid.  They quickly subdued the woman living inside and had her on the floor for 35 minutes as her young daughter cried out to her.  Eventually they figured out that they had the wrong apartment and they issued a “routine apology” to the woman.


As our country falls apart all around us, there is going to be a greater need for love and compassion than ever before.

Don’t count on the government to help those in need.  The government always does  a miserable job of that.

As I have written about previously, already more than 40 percent of all children in Atlanta and more than 50 percent of all children in Detroit are living in poverty.

In the years ahead those numbers are going to get even worse.

But it isn’t just in the major cities where poverty is exploding.  Sadly, today one out of every four children in the United States is on food stamps.

As times get tough, you have two choices.

You can allow your heart to grow cold like so many other people are doing.

Or you can decide that you are going to become more loving and more compassionate than ever before.

America is becoming a very heartless place, and unfortunately there is no sign that trend is going to turn around any time soon.

But you don’t have to become heartless.

Be a light that shines in the darkness.

In the end, you will be glad that you were.


3/9/2012 News Update:  America’s Most Biblically-Hostile President

” … Weep Not For Me But For Your Children …”


For This Complete Article And References Click Here: Wall Builders

America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President by David Barton – 02/29/2012

When one observes President Obama’s unwillingness to accommodate America’s four-century long religious conscience protection through his attempts to require Catholics to go against their own doctrines and beliefs, one is tempted to say that he is anti-Catholic. But that characterization would not be correct. Although he has recently singled out Catholics, he has equally targeted traditional Protestant beliefs over the past four years. So since he has attacked Catholics and Protestants, one is tempted to say that he is anti-Christian. But that, too, would be inaccurate. He has been equally disrespectful in his appalling treatment of religious Jews in general and Israel in particular. So perhaps the most accurate description of his antipathy toward Catholics, Protestants, religious Jews, and the Jewish nation would be to characterize him as anti-Biblical. And then when his hostility toward Biblical people of faith is contrasted with his preferential treatment of Muslims and Muslim nations, it further strengthens the accuracy of the anti-Biblical descriptor. In fact, there have been numerous clearly documented times when his pro-Islam positions have been the cause of his anti-Biblical actions.

Listed below in chronological order are (1) numerous records of his attacks on Biblical persons or organizations; (2) examples of the hostility toward Biblical faith that have become evident in the past three years in the Obama-led military; (3) a listing of his open attacks on Biblical values; and finally (4) a listing of numerous incidents of his preferential deference for Islam’s activities and positions, including letting his Islamic advisors guide and influence his hostility toward people of Biblical faith.

1. Acts of hostility toward people of Biblical faith:

  • April 2008 – Obama speaks disrespectfully of Christians, saying they “cling to guns or religion” and have an “antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” 1
  • February 2009 – Obama announces plans to revoke conscience protection for health workers who refuse to participate in medical activities that go against their beliefs, and fully implements the plan in February 2011. 2
  • April 2009 – When speaking at Georgetown University, Obama orders that a monogram symbolizing Jesus’ name be covered when he is making his speech. 3
  • May 2009 – Obama declines to host services for the National Prayer Day (a day established by federal law) at the White House. 4
  • April 2009 – In a deliberate act of disrespect, Obama nominated three pro-abortion ambassadors to the Vatican; of course, the pro-life Vatican rejected all three. 5
  • October 19, 2010 – Obama begins deliberately omitting the phrase about “the Creator” when quoting the Declaration of Independence – an omission he has made on no less than seven occasions. 6
  • November 2010 – Obama misquotes the National Motto, saying it is “E pluribus unum” rather than “In God We Trust” as established by federal law. 7
  • January 2011 – After a federal law was passed to transfer a WWI Memorial in the Mojave Desert to private ownership, the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that the cross in the memorial could continue to stand, but the Obama administration refused to allow the land to be transferred as required by law, and refused to allow the cross to be re-erected as ordered by the Court. 8
  • February 2011 – Although he filled posts in the State Department, for more than two years Obama did not fill the post of religious freedom ambassador, an official that works against religious persecution across the world; he filled it only after heavy pressure from the public and from Congress. 9
  • April 2011 – For the first time in American history, Obama urges passage of a non-discrimination law that does not contain hiring protections for religious groups, forcing religious organizations to hire according to federal mandates without regard to the dictates of their own faith, thus eliminating conscience protection in hiring. 10
  • August 2011 – The Obama administration releases its new health care rules that override religious conscience protections for medical workers in the areas of abortion and contraception. 11
  • November 2011 – Obama opposes inclusion of President Franklin Roosevelt’s famous D-Day Prayer in the WWII Memorial. 12
  • November 2011 – Unlike previous presidents, Obama studiously avoids any religious references in his Thanksgiving speech. 13
  • December 2011 – The Obama administration denigrates other countries’ religious beliefs as an obstacle to radical homosexual rights. 14
  • January 2012 – The Obama administration argues that the First Amendment provides no protection for churches and synagogues in hiring their pastors and rabbis. 15
  • February 2012 – The Obama administration forgives student loans in exchange for public service, but announces it will no longer forgive student loans if the public service is related to religion. 16

2. Acts of hostility from the Obama-led military toward people of Biblical faith:

  • June 2011 – The Department of Veterans Affairs forbids references to God and Jesus during burial ceremonies at Houston National Cemetery. 17
  • August 2011 – The Air Force stops teaching the Just War theory to officers in California because the course is taught by chaplains and is based on a philosophy introduced by St. Augustine in the third century AD – a theory long taught by civilized nations across the world (except America). 18
  • September 2011 – Air Force Chief of Staff prohibits commanders from notifying airmen of programs and services available to them from chaplains. 19
  • September 2011 – The Army issues guidelines for Walter Reed Medical Center stipulating that “No religious items (i.e. Bibles, reading materials and/or facts) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit.” 20
  • November 2011 – The Air Force Academy rescinds support for Operation Christmas Child, a program to send holiday gifts to impoverished children across the world, because the program is run by a Christian charity. 21
  • November 2011 – The Air Force Academy pays $80,000 to add a Stonehenge-like worship center for pagans, druids, witches and Wiccans. 22
  • February 2012 – The U. S. Military Academy at West Point disinvites three star Army general and decorated war hero Lieutenant General William G. (“Jerry”) Boykin (retired) from speaking at an event because he is an outspoken Christian. 23
  • February 2012 – The Air Force removes “God” from the patch of Rapid Capabilities Office (the word on the patch was in Latin: Dei). 24
  • February 2012 – The Army orders Catholic chaplains not to read a letter to parishioners that their archbishop asked them to read. 25

3. Acts of hostility toward Biblical values:

  • January 2009 – Obama lifts restrictions on U.S. government funding for groups that provide abortion services or counseling abroad, forcing taxpayers to fund pro-abortion groups that either promote or perform abortions in other nations. 26
  • January 2009 – President Obama’s nominee for deputy secretary of state asserts that American taxpayers are required to pay for abortions and that limits on abortion funding are unconstitutional. 27
  • March 2009 – The Obama administration shut out pro-life groups from attending a White House-sponsored health care summit. 28
  • March 2009 – Obama orders taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research. 29
  • March 2009 – Obama gave $50 million for the UNFPA, the UN population agency that promotes abortion and works closely with Chinese population control officials who use forced abortions and involuntary sterilizations. 30
  • May 2009 – The White House budget eliminates all funding for abstinence-only education and replaces it with “comprehensive” sexual education, repeatedly proven to increase teen pregnancies and abortions. 31 He continues the deletion in subsequent budgets. 32
  • May 2009 – Obama officials assemble a terrorism dictionary calling pro-life advocates violent and charging that they use racism in their “criminal” activities. 33
  • July 2009 – The Obama administration illegally extends federal benefits to same-sex partners of Foreign Service and Executive Branch employees, in direction violation of the federal Defense of Marriage Act. 34
  • September 16, 2009 – The Obama administration appoints as EEOC Commissioner Chai Feldblum, who asserts that society should “not tolerate” any “private beliefs,” including religious beliefs, if they may negatively affect homosexual “equality.” 35
  • July 2010 – The Obama administration uses federal funds in violation of federal law to get Kenya to change its constitution to include abortion. 36
  • August 2010 – The Obama administration Cuts funding for 176 abstinence education programs. 37
  • September 2010 – The Obama administration tells researchers to ignore a judge’s decision striking down federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. 38
  • February 2011 – Obama directs the Justice Department to stop defending the federal Defense of Marriage Act. 39
  • March 2011 – The Obama administration refuses to investigate videos showing Planned Parenthood helping alleged sex traffickers get abortions for victimized underage girls. 40
  • July 2011 – Obama allows homosexuals to serve openly in the military, reversing a policy originally instituted by George Washington in March 1778. 41
  • September 2011 – The Pentagon directs that military chaplains may perform same-sex marriages at military facilities in violation of the federal Defense of Marriage Act. 42
  • October 2011 – The Obama administration eliminates federal grants to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for their extensive programs that aid victims of human trafficking because the Catholic Church is anti-abortion. 43

4. Acts of preferentialism for Islam:

  • May 2009 – While Obama does not host any National Day of Prayer event at the White House, he does host White House Iftar dinners in honor of Ramadan. 44
  • April 2010 – Christian leader Franklin Graham is disinvited from the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer Event because of complaints from the Muslim community. 45
  • April 2010 – The Obama administration requires rewriting of government documents and a change in administration vocabulary to remove terms that are deemed offensive to Muslims, including jihad, jihadists, terrorists, radical Islamic, etc. 46
  • August 2010 – Obama speaks with great praise of Islam and condescendingly of Christianity. 47
  • August 2010 – Obama went to great lengths to speak out on multiple occasions on behalf of building an Islamic mosque at Ground Zero, while at the same time he was silent about a Christian church being denied permission to rebuild at that location. 48
  • 2010 – While every White House traditionally issues hundreds of official proclamations and statements on numerous occasions, this White House avoids traditional Biblical holidays and events but regularly recognizes major Muslim holidays, as evidenced by its 2010 statements on Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hajj, and Eid-ul-Adha. 49
  • October 2011 – Obama’s Muslim advisers block Middle Eastern Christians’ access to the White House. 50
  • February 2012 – The Obama administration makes effulgent apologies for Korans being burned by the U. S. military, 51 but when Bibles were burned by the military, numerous reasons were offered why it was the right thing to do. 52

Many of these actions are literally unprecedented – this is the first time they have happened in four centuries of American history. The hostility of President Obama toward Biblical faith and values is without equal from any previous American president.


Are You Prepared To Met Jesus And Will You Recognize Him Him When He Knocks Upon The Door Of Your Heart?

Fear Nothing Of This World But Fear The Day You Must Stand Before God not before the false gods of this world. Take Some Time Now, While You Still Have Time, And Simply Talk With Jesus As You Would With A Trusted Friend. You Will Be Delighted When He Makes His Presence Known To You.




In our humble opinion these Wars began within the Christian Community for the many who continue to reject the Two Great Commandments of Christ.

MATTHEW 22: 34-40

When the Pharisees heard that He had silenced the Sadducees, they assembled in a body; and one of them, a lawyer, in an attempt to trip him up, asked Him, “Teacher, which commandment of the law is the greatest?”

Jesus said to him:

’You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, with your whole soul, and with all your mind’

This is the greatest and first commandment.

The second is like it:

’You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

On these two commandments the whole law is based, and the prophets as well.

5. We hear about Muslims as victims of abuse in the West and
combatants in the Arab Spring’s fight against tyranny. But, in
fact, a wholly different kind of war is underway — an
unrecognized battle costing thousands of lives. Christians are
being killed in the Islamic world because of their religion. It
is a rising genocide that ought to provoke global alarm. The
media’s reticence on the subject no doubt has several sources.
One may be fear of provoking additional violence. The scale and
severity of Islamophobia pales in comparison with the bloody
Christophobia currently coursing through Muslim-majority nations
from one end of the globe to the other. The conspiracy of silence
surrounding this violent expression of religious intolerance has
to stop. Nothing less than the fate of Christianity — and
ultimately of all religious minorities — in the Islamic world is
at stake. From blasphemy laws to brutal murders to bombings to
mutilations and the burning of holy sites, Christians in so many
nations live in fear. In Nigeria many have suffered all of these
forms of persecution. The newest such organization calls itself
Boko Haram, which means “Western education is sacrilege.” Its aim
is to establish Sharia in Nigeria. To this end it has stated that
it will kill all Christians in the country. The Christophobia of
the Sunni Muslim north of Sudan has for decades tormented
Christian and animist minorities in the south. On Oct 9 of last
year in Cairo, Coptic Christians (who make up roughly 11% of
Egypt’s population of 81 million) marched in protest against a
wave of attacks by Islamists — including church burnings, rapes,
mutilations, and murders. During the protest, Egyptian security
forces drove their trucks into the crowd and fired on protesters,
crushing and killing at least 24 and wounding more than 300
people. By the end of the year more than 200,000 Copts had fled
their homes in anticipation of more attacks. Since 2003 more than
900 Iraqi Christians (most of them Assyrians) have been killed by
terrorist violence in Baghdad alone, and 70 churches have been
burned. The 2.8 million Christians who live in Pakistan live in
perpetual fear not only of Islamist terrorists but also of
Pakistan’s Draconian blasphemy laws. There is the notorious case
of a Christian woman who was sentenced to death for allegedly
insulting the Prophet Muhammad. When international pressure
persuaded Punjab Gov Salman Taseer to explore ways of freeing
her, he was killed by his bodyguard. The bodyguard was then
celebrated by prominent Muslim clerics as a hero — and though he
was sentenced to death late last year, the judge who imposed the
sentence now lives in hiding, fearing for his life. Simply to
declare belief in the Christian Trinity is considered
blasphemous. In Saudi Arabia, more than a million Christians live
in the country as foreign workers, churches and even private acts
of Christian prayer are banned: to enforce these totalitarian
restrictions, the religious police regularly raid the homes of
Christians and bring them up on charges of blasphemy in courts
where their testimony carries less legal weight than a Muslim’s.
Even in Ethiopia, where Christians make up a majority of the
population, church burnings by members of the Muslim minority
have become a problem. Anti-Christian violence is a major and
underreported problem. The global war on Christians isn’t a
traditional war at all. It is, rather, a spontaneous expression
of anti-Christian animus by Muslims that transcends cultures,
regions, and ethnicities. This is especially so in countries with
growing radical Islamist (Salafist) movements. In those nations,
vigilantes often feel they can act with impunity — and
government inaction often proves them right. Newsweek, 13 Feb 12
Ed: Latest on “The Coming Religious Wars!”


As always, the press is welcome to excerpt brief quotes from TDL
and IWB, but not our recommended stocks which are for paid subscribers
only. Those who use our work without having paid for it are in the Low
State of Stealing and, as a result, will find a way to lose money doing
it. Please do not forward our work to cheaters, who will hear from our
Legal Department.

(c) 2012, James Dines & Co Inc. All Rights Reserved.


For More Information on James Dines Click Here:
The Dines Letter


I have always been amazed by the inability of the many Christians who quickly become enraged by those of Christian Faiths that differ from their Christian Faith. IMHO it seems that there are many Christians who would willingly kill by thought, word or deed another Christian who wasn’t of their Faith. How does this reflect on the Two Great Commandments of Jesus Christ?

’You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, with your whole soul, and with all your mind’

’You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’

Perhaps the problem is that most of us don’t like or love ourselves as Christ wants us to.  Perhaps those Christians who have fallen asleep as they allow themselves to be entranced by the false gods of this world will finally wake from their Comatose State of  Existence and open their Hearts to God.

Where do you fit in as a Christian? If you hate another you are not filled with the Presence of Christ. Jesus did not hate so if your heart is filled with hate then how can you say you are a Follower of Jesus Christ?


We spent many hours and large sums of money in attempting to translate the Fatima Chaplet into numerous languages. Finally in the end we were given the Light to cease for it was a much greater task. The language translators did wonderful work but their were some difficulties that we could encountered. The Ministry decided to wait until God inspired us to proceed.

MANY FOLLOWERS OF THE MARIAN MOVEMENT OF PRIESTS  believed that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary  would occur within a specific time frame according to one of the earlier Messages given to Father Gobbi. The message was translated as many others had been from the original Italian to numerous other languages.

When the Triumph didn’t happen as some of the Followers had expected they turned against the MMP. The RIGHTEOUS who seem to live by the letter of Their Law eagerly pointed out that this Prediction did not come true and therefore the entire MMP Movement was in doubt and could not be of God. Only much later was in determined that during the translation a single word had been given the wrong contextual meaning. As we are well aware some words have numerous meanings that even though the words are spelled exactly the same the sentence and usage will indicate a totally different meaning. Only years later was it discovered that their was one single word that caused the entire meaning of The TRIUMPH of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be incorrectly translated.

Above we have the Two Great Commandments of Jesus Christ that all Christians would be wise to practice and yet we fail to implement these Two Great Commandments.

The more you allow the Presence of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit within your being the greater will be your ability to Love and Pray with your Heart. The more you forgive yourself the more you will forgive others for we all our but little Children trying to play the role of being a Grown-up.  You will not judge others but you will have the gift of Discernment to  observe and evaluate each person you meet. You will have the gift to forgive those that openly cause you pain for their ways are not your ways but this doesn’t mean you will invite them into your life. It is wise to pray for them and be with them in humility and kindness but shake them from your heel by not allowing them into your life or your home if you observe that they embrace the false gods of this time and have turned against God with hearts of stone. Keep them close to your heart and especially within your prayers for these are The Children of God who see but cannot see, who hear but cannot hear, who speak but cannot speak for they have lost their spiritual way and have chosen to embrace the Darkness of this time. They are not bad merely lost. It is not your role to save them for that task belongs to Jesus Christ and all of Heaven but you can be kind to them and keep them within your prayers.

’You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’


Special News Update on Wars Throughout the World as of 2012

Wars in the World


3/10/12 Some Thoughts About the Coming Time of Sorrow Beyond Sorrow

Weep Not For Me But For Your Children…

If on this day Jesus asked me what I am doing in His Name for the lost  Children of God what would I say.

Jesus, I offer my prayers mixed with my tears from my sorrowful heart for the Children of God. I also rejoice in knowing that The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Victory of Your Sacred and Merciful Heart has begun and satan is being defeated as foretold in Sacred Scripture. That the Holy Spirit is descending upon the Children of God to help strengthen them during these times of the Great Spiritual Battle. That the Gates of Hell will Not Prevail Against the Church. That the greatest spiritual battle has yet to begin upon this earth and will cause greater suffering and sorrow for the Children of God who have fallen asleep and no longer believe in the Word of God. I thank you for not giving up on me for I was also one of the Lost Children of God. I thank you for hearing my plea for help from the depths of my being. I thank you for the Grace of  humility that You have given me to see myself as an Heir to the Kingdom of God  through the Intercession of God the Father,  God the Holy Spirit and from You God the Son. You raised me up when I could not. Whenever I now fall into darkness you have given me the gift to take this darkness and place it before the Blessed Trinity and the Holy Family. Thanks to the Divine Light of Heaven I no longer have any secrets for I share everything and anything whether it is of goodness or evilness. I have been given the understanding that satan especially wants to fill the hearts and minds of the Children of God with negative thoughts so they will feel ashamed about who they are and run from God instead of running to God. I am thankful that no matter what negative thoughts satan places before me or when  I stumble and allow his Darkness to enter into my mind or my heart I bring it before the Blessed Trinity and the Holy Family. Thank you for lifting me up for I was lost and You saved me.


Monday, March 19, 2012
St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Solemnity)
First Reading:
Second Reading:
2 Samuel 7:4-5, 12-14, 16
Psalm 89:2-5, 27, 29
Romans 4:13, 16-18, 22
Matthew 1:16, 18-21, 24 or Luke 2:41-51

Above from EWTN Liturgical Calendar

Saint Joseph Guardian of the Holy Family please be Guardian of Our Family.  Thank You.

+++ March 19th Honor of St. Joseph




Before you going to Confession you might want to take some time to silently talk within your mind to the Blessed Trinity while reflecting on the Two Great Commandments of Jesus Christ.

You then might want to ask God the Holy Spirit to help illuminate your inner being and guide you during Confession.

Try to love yourself as you love your neighbor during the time you are preparing for Confession.

Allow yourself to remember that Jesus came for the sinner not the righteous.

Now let the Priest guide you during Confession so you can obtain Absolution.



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